Saturday, 31 January 2015

Windows phone 8 XMPP Send and receive message

Continued from my previous article. Please, find link here.

Sending XMPP message in windows phone 8 does not require any analysis. Because, it is a method built in with XMPP Client of the DLL.

Below is the syntax required to be followed for sending message.
private void SendXmppMessage(String Message, JId ReceiverJid)
            ObjXmppClient.SendChatMessage(Message.Trim(), ReceiverJid);

But to receive a message from other roster requires handler to initiate the message receiving asynchronously. The handler is OnNewConversationItem.

Syntax is mentioned below

ObjXmppClient.OnNewConversationItem += ObjXmppClient_OnNewConversationItem;

void ObjXmppClient_OnNewConversationItem(RosterItem item, bool bReceived, TextMessage msg)
            if (bReceived)
                //do your property settings

If bReceived ==true then message is received from other roster.
Else then message is sent by you to other roster.

Note : I am working on sample to send and receive files. I will update it soon.

It looks so simple to receive message now right? If yes , please, post a response or feedback or any update required.

I will be hoping to get good feedback and response.

In my next article, I will help you guys to get chat history from openfire server in Windows Phone 8.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Using CTE in sql


CTE is abbreviated as Common Table Expression.

CTE holds the query results temporarily later this results set can be manipulated for only next instance. 

Which means CTE is always followed by any DML i.e., Select,Insert,Update,Delete.
Only till the execution of the DML CTE will be able to hold the data (query results).

Please, view the below mentioned sample  with syntax

with cte as
    Select * from Table1 join Table2 on Table1.ColumnName=Table2.ColumnName

Select * from cte

Pass CTE results to other CTE 

CTE data can be hold and passed to another CTE 


with cte as
    Select * from Table1 join Table2 on Table1.ColumnName=Table2.ColumnName
) ,

    Select * from Table3 join cte on Table3.ColumnName=cte.ColumnName

select * from cte2

Increment column value with simple update statement sql

To increment a column value in sql table with simple update statement is shown below.

DECLARE @incrementer bigint

SET @incrementer = 0



set @incrementer = columnname= @incrementer + 1

This can be achieved even with cursors but we all know the disadvantages of cursors in sql.

This query works even, if column is NULL.

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